How Important are Witnesses in Vermont Personal Injury Cases?


Accident witnesses can help or hurt your personal injury claim. If somebody witnessed the accident you were involved in, their testimony can support your version of the events. Regardless of the kind of accident you had, you sustained injuries due to somebody else’s carelessness. To recover financial compensation, you need to file personal injury claims in Vermont. However, how would you prove your claims? It is important to convince a jury or judge that the other party was careless or negligent and that you must be compensated for your losses. Although you know the details of your accident, once you are at the negotiation table or courtroom, it will be your word against the other party. Because of this, you need witnesses to support your claims. Your attorney will look for witnesses that can help your case.

Importance of Witness Testimony

The negligent party may not admit they are at fault. Rather, they will try to wash their hands and blame you for the accident. If you cannot prove their fault and negligence, you will not be able to secure compensation for your injuries and damages. Because of this, you need witness testimony to strengthen your position. Witnesses are voices that confirm your side of the story, strengthening your case.

Kinds of Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

There are other witnesses involved in personal injury cases than those who saw the accident that caused your injuries. Below are the different kinds of witnesses that may be helpful to your case:

  • Eyewitnesses. These witnesses are those who were there when the accident took place. They could be a pedestrian who saw your car get hit by another car. They can testify in court to confirm the details of the accident that demonstrate the at-fault party is responsible for what took place. 
  • Expert witnesses. These are experts in certain aspects of your injury case. They can testify about this subject before a jury or judge. For instance, in a car accident, an expert witness can include an accident reconstruction specialist who can testify to the details of the accident. 

Finding Witnesses

To find eyewitnesses, your attorney will carry out a thorough investigation of your accident. They will get video footage from nearby CCTV cameras or track down those who were present during the accident. Also, they can review police records to look for possible witnesses. In addition, your lawyer can find expert witnesses by leaning on their connections. A great attorney has established a network of expert witnesses who can weigh in nearly any injury case. 

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