Have an International Driving Permit (IDP) With the Right Choices Now


Fans of motor vehicles often yearn for the sensation of controlling their own vehicle, whether for competitive purposes or for pure relaxation. While you go abroad for business or pleasure, you may not be able to drive or even hire a vehicle since your driver’s licence is not valid in the nation you will be visiting. However, when you are at home, you may drive whenever the mood strikes you. When the need to go behind the wheel strikes, you may hit the streets anytime you want back home.

Motorists can now renew their IDP even when abroad | Autocar India

Those who want to get behind the wheel in another country may apply for a driver’s licence that is valid in that country as well. The United Nations recognises the International Driver’s Permit as an official travel document for foreign visitors (IDP). It’s an official, verified translation of the driver’s licence you were issued in your native country. In addition to translating your driver’s licence documentation into a variety of other languages, this document only states that you are in possession of a valid licence. Your driving qualifications may then be verified and understood by authorities in other countries.

German, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, the Scandinavian languages, English, French, and Spanish are only some of the languages represented in this document’s many editions. A wide variety of languages are represented in print, including Chinese and Russian.

This will ensure that the authorities in those countries can see your driver’s licence information. This is very important, since it may be used as proof of your driving skills and experience in the case of an accident.

In most cases, the validity of an IDP is limited to either one year from the day it was granted or the date the holder’s valid driver’s licence expires.

Instructions for Obtaining an International Driver’s License

  • International driver’s licence applications are now simple and quick thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  • If you want to drive a car in another country, you’ll need to apply for an international driver’s licence, which is recognised everywhere and acts as a valid driver’s licence.
  • To apply, individuals should take their supporting documents and the application fee to their regional RTO.
  • It usually takes three to four business days to complete an application, after which the licence would be sent to the applicant.

Fillable Preparing an Application for an Overseas Driver’s License

To complete the application procedure for an international driver’s licence, applicants must submit a form.

  • The “Form for the Issue of International Driving Permit,” also known as “Form 4”, may be acquired from any RTO in the country.
  • Name, address, driver’s licence number, and destination country will all be needed.
  • Expenses to Consider Before Applying for an Overseas License
  • At this time, 500 Indian Rupees (Rs.) is required to apply for a foreign driver’s licence. The application fee must be paid at the same time the application and accompanying documents are submitted.

To Provide Necessary Documentation

All countries that have agreed to recognise the International Driving Permit have adopted the same requirements for getting one. Most countries will ask for a little fee (the exact amount varies by country) to issue them.

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