Challenges Faced by the Injured in Obtaining Compensation from the Insurance company 


If you have been injured in an accident because of the fault of someone else, you may look for ways to get compensation. In many cases, people don’t file a claim because they believe that it is just a waste of time. They might have heard stories from others about how insurance companies reject these claims and end up wasting people’s time. However, you can receive compensation if you hire a talented Tacoma personal injury lawyer. He stays in touch with these companies until the end of time and ensures that you get what you deserve.

The insurance company may delay your claim purposely

It is worth noting that the insurance company can delay your claim for a purpose. They may give you several reasons to do so. The adjuster may not respond to your calls, or emails on time, and tell you that they are still investigating the case. Some of the reasons for the delay may be:

  • Company’s policy

They may not reveal that it is their policy to delay the claims on a routine basis. They may make profits by delaying these claims.

  • Evidence destruction 

It has been observed that the evidence may get destroyed after a few weeks. These companies wait until they come to know that the evidence is no longer valid. Witnesses may forget the sequence of incidents as they may have happened. The documents may get misplaced and several other similar circumstances may arise. They all will give a reason to the insurance company to refuse the claim. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to save your documents properly. 

  • The victim may lose hopes

If there is any delay in obtaining the claim, the victim will lose all his hopes and eventually accept much lower than what he deserves. This way, the company may not have to pay a huge amount. Else, you may get tired of waiting for too long. In such a scenario, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the right amount. He stays with these companies and ensures that the grounds for rejection are valid.

  • Personal interest

In many cases, the adjuster may delay the claim because he wants to earn a good name in the company. He wants to show that he has the talent to deny or lower the amount.

If you want to get your claim cleared in the quickest possible time, you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

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