Why Do You Need An Appeals Lawyer?


If you ever have to appeal to a higher court to examine the lower court’s decision, this would be referred to as an appeal. When a person loses or disagrees with the lower court’s decision, they require the assistance of Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale to handle the case. The appeal court reviews the trial court record. During the appeal, new facts or evidence is cannot be added to the existing catalog. The request is nothing like a trial, and it is not similar to what you might see on television. An appeals lawyer handles an appeal with extensive writing and study experience. An appeals lawyer is responsible for delivering the law and facts to the appeal court. Based on the written briefs, the appeal court decides whether to reverse or stay the trial court’s ruling.

When you hire an appeals lawyer, they can represent you in court as the person appealing the lower court’s decision. The lawyer will be responsible for explaining to the appeals court why the decision ruled by the trial court should be overturned. An appeals attorney is different from Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale. Litigation attorneys are the ones who fight your case in the trial court, while the appeals attorney will fight your case in the appeals court.

What To Bring When You Go To An Appeal Lawyer Consultation?

When you meet with a prospective appeals lawyer for the first time, they will have to go through a few documents. The essential document of all is the document that represents the judgment. The appeals lawyer will know if the ruling is signed, final and appealable. Once this has been cleared, the appeals lawyer will then review the record of the case along with the transcript hearings, the materials you have filed, and anything else to determine if the judgment can be appealed and whether the trial court judge made an error.

When people often go to an appeals lawyer, they notify the lawyer about all the errors of their Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale. However, this will not help since the appellate lawyer must work with whatever is already present on the record. The appeal court cannot consider anything that has not already been produced in the trial court. If you are the appealing party, your lawyer’s responsibility would be to explain to the appeal court why the trial court made an error based on existing documents.

Finally, if you win your case in the trial court, you may wonder why there was a need to go to court appeals attorneys Fort Lauderdale in the first place. You want to show the appeals court that the trial court made the decision after considering all aspects of the case and that the trial court has made the correct decision which should not be overturned. Even if you win in the trial court, if your opponent disagrees with the verdict and files an appeal, you will need an appeals lawyer to draft a brief in your defense.

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