Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if I Have Been Wrongly Accused? 


A criminal record is something that can change your life forever, often limiting your capacity to find employment and support yourself and your family. When you have been charged with a crime that you did not commit, you may know you have been wrongfully accused, but the courts will nevertheless process your case in the same way that it would as though you were a person rightfully charged with a crime. Your case will enter the criminal justice system, and the prosecutor will be fighting to get a conviction, as they believe that you committed the crime. 

It is an unfortunate fact that in the United States, innocent persons are charged, convicted, and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Wrongful convictions often happen due to inadequate criminal defense, as simply saying that you “didn’t do it” is usually not enough to get acquitted. Whether or not the crime was committed, informed and experienced defense advocacy is essential to protect your rights and maintain your freedom. 

An experienced Frisco and Lewisville, TX criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of Brent D. Bowen PLLC is here to advise you on how to best overcome your charges and move forward with your life. 

The Criminal Process

While you might think that your actual innocence might make a lawyer unnecessary, innocence makes having an aggressive defense even more critical. Even though defendants are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, this is not always how authorities and judges approach a criminal case.

Challenging a wrongful charge will still generally require that you proceed through the regular criminal justice process. However, it will certainly change your defense approach if you know you are not guilty. Discuss your case with a defense lawyer even before your first appearance in court, as they can advise you how to plead and respond to any questions you might face. 

You should not plead guilty to a crime you did not commit, so this often means your case will go to a jury trial. In the time leading up to a trial, your defense lawyer will be working to get your charges dropped or dismissed by the prosecutor or judge. If your charges hold, your defense attorney will represent your rights and innocence before the judge or jury at a criminal trial. If you are wrongfully convicted, you could be incarcerated during the appeal process, so needless to say, the stakes are high. 

Connect with a Lewisville and Frisco, TX Criminal Defense Attorney Now

Many people facing criminal charges simply want to minimize their penalties, while those who are wrongfully accused have much more at stake. It can be terrifying to face allegations of an offense you did not commit, but you do not have to face your case alone. Reach out to the Law Office of Brent D. Bowen PLLC to schedule a consultation to discuss the best options for your criminal defense as soon as possible.

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