What should you know about a personal injury case before you file a lawsuit?


Have you been lately injured in an accident? If yes, and if it was not due to your fault, you might as well start thinking of filing a lawsuit. However, before you move on to take any legal action, it is vital to know and comprehend the basics of personal injury. Without knowing the procedure in detail, you might end up in a mess. The wrong steps that you take might even boomerang you in the long run. 

Before you rush to seek the help of a Pleasant Grove Personal Injury lawyer, here are a few important facts to know about personal injury. 

  • There’s more to personal injury law than just car accidents

Though it is true that a majority of car crashes and other forms of vehicle accidents constitute a large number of PI cases, PI law is applicable to any situation where a person is harmed due to another person’s negligence. PI lawsuits can also be filed for dog bites, accidents that occur due to unkempt premises, faulty products, and wrongful death. 

  • Settlement offers done by insurers are never fair

If you’re acquainted with the tricks of the insurance companies, you’ll know that they most often try to reduce the amount they have to pay for the client’s medical costs or other damages. However, being the client, you need to understand that not giving actual value to your claim can leave you with financial adversities in the near future. This is true when you’re temporarily not able to attend your workplace due to the injuries. 

  • It is sometimes vital to hire an experienced attorney

Victims of critical accidents that injure them badly are often subject to a huge financial loss that comes in the form of medical costs. They are also sometimes unable to return to work due to the injury. This is when you might need to seek the help of a personal injury attorney. They are usually experienced in dealing with financial, physical, and mental hardships that are related to such severe accidents and consequential injuries. 

  • No personal injury case is similar to each other

There are some basic steps that are shared by experienced personal injury lawyers but you can’t deny that the claims differ depending on the type of injury sustained by the client. The reason behind the injury is also another factor that differs in each case. PI cases also vary in duration regardless of whether they’re taken for trial or are settled out of court. 

  • PI cases might go to trial or be settled out of court

A majority of the PI cases never go to trial since they are mostly settled out of court through effective negotiations and mediation. Personal injury attorneys usually work hard to achieve a timely negotiation on your behalf. Nevertheless, they also have the required courtroom expertise to take your PI case to trial. Cases only go to trial when the settlement offers aren’t feasible. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who is eager to increase your knowledge of personal injury cases, keep in mind the above-listed points. 

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