Possibly Can I Be Sued for a Car Accident?


There are many costs involved in repairing or replacing damaged vehicles. Many people involved in an accident wonder if they have the right to sue the driver responsible for the accident, or if they can sue them. 

Focusing Upon Fault – Determining Liability After an Accident

Each state has its laws regarding liability and negligence. Some states hold the at-fault driver entirely responsible for the accident costs. Other states might base liability and responsibility on percentages.

Looking for Insurance

An accident lawyer might recommend that the driver at fault be sued personally in certain circumstances. These situations include

  • The insurance company has paid its maximum. In some cases, drivers may sue an insurer for additional amounts if they have already paid the maximum amount they can be held liable for in a claim.
  • The insurance company is not willing to negotiate. In some cases, the insurer may offer a very low settlement for an accident or refuse to negotiate. This could lead to you being sued or suing the other driver.

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