Four Injuries You Could Suffer in a Motorcycle Accident in Philadelphia, PA


Accidents that involve a motorcycle can lead to serious and catastrophic injuries. Motorcycle riders barely have protection against the element and other hazards. During an accident, a ride can easily be thrown off their vehicle and end up in a serious fall or get hit by a hard object. If you have sustained serious injuries in this kind of accident, you need to pursue the compensation you deserve because you may be facing mounting medical bills and lost wages. Philadelphia, PA motorcycle accident attorneys can help you collect the necessary evidence to build and support your accident claim. You should work with a lawyer if you suffer any of the following injuries:

Road Rash

This friction burn happens when your skin continuously comes into contact with gravel or pavement. It can seem like light abrasions on your skin, but road rash can be serious and require immediate medical care, depending on the severity of the accident. Simple road rash can be at risk of infection and you may need surgeries if many skin layers were scraped off during the crash. If another driver caused you to experience this injury, speak with an attorney about pursuing an accident claim. 

Broken Leg Bones

When a motorcycle crash occurs, your lower limb can be in direct contact with another vehicle or your motorcycle may fall onto your leg. These scenarios can result in you experiencing broken bones in the foot, thigh, calf, or knee. Indeed, your lower limbs are expected to suffer fractures in this kind of accident. For this injury, you may need to go through surgery.

Biker’s Arm

If your motorcycle is tipped over or you get thrown from it, you may try to position yourself safely by putting out a hand. Should you land on your arm or hand, this area absorbs a significant amount of force, resulting in a range of injuries such as nerve damage. Because a biker’s arm can include permanent injuries, you need to see a doctor right after the accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Even if you had a helmet on when the accident occurred, the force of the crash could lead to a brain injury. After a motorcycle accident, you may suffer from a traumatic brain injury or a concussion. A serious TBI may lead to severe and permanent cognitive, physical, and psychological side effects. Following the crash, you must visit a doctor to be tested for brain injury. 

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