Matters a Property Lawyer Can Assist With


As their namesake suggests, property lawyers have specific expertise in the legal area of property disputes and real estate. This article will take a look at the role of a property lawyer, the type of advice they provide and the legal matters they can assist you with. 

What Does a Property Lawyer Do?

Property lawyers provide legal advice to clients specifically in regards to real estate and property disputes. They can also help with price negotiations for home buyers or for small businesses thinking about renting retail property. A good property lawyer will possess knowledge on deed transfers, property litigation and zoning restrictions. They can also coordinate with agents in the sale of property on their client’s behalf.

When Do You Need a Property Lawyer?

You may need the services of property lawyers if you’re in the midst of or planning to proceed to litigation over some form of property. A common reason that a property lawyer is hired is to help an individual take possession of their property. This can mean ejecting unruly tenants from an investment property who may have damaged the property and violated the terms of their lease.

If you’re on the other side of the property ladder however, a property lawyer may still be required at some point. For instance, if you’re the tenant or occupant of a building or dwelling that has become unsafe or uninhabitable, a property lawyer can help you settle a dispute with a difficult landlord or body corporate. 

Do Property Lawyers Handle Different Types Of Property?

While initially you may think that a property lawyer is relegated to the realm of real estate, property lawyers can actually work across all areas of property. Property itself is a broadly encompassing term that can also mean personal property, asset property (such as stocks and bonds) or even intellectual property. While a property lawyer can generally help you settle disputes in any of these areas, it’s recommended to find a property lawyer with expertise in the specific area your dispute is in. 

What Issues Can a Property Lawyer Help With? 

A property lawyer can help you with any property related issue across any property related area. For example, they can help if you’re being sued by a landlord or tenant, or if a competitor is infringing or has outright stolen your original intellectual property to market their own products and services.

A property lawyer can also give you legal counsel before entering a property dispute. This can literally make or break your case, so it’s best to get into contact with property lawyers as soon as you’re thinking of making a claim against another party or have been issued with a claim by another party. 

What Should You Look for in a Good Property Lawyer?

As with hiring any kind of attorney, the quality of the lawyer will have drastic implications for the outcome of your dispute. A quality property lawyer should be able to explain complex legal jargon in terms that you can easily understand. They should also have a good track record of handling complex property disputes and be able to give you concrete examples from their own experience in order to devise solutions for your claim. 

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