Got Your Car Accident Claim Rejected?- Know Your Mistakes


Every injured person wants to get compensation for losses and injuries he has received. It can really be depressing to find out that the insurance company has rejected your claim. This happens when you don’t hire a good lawyer. It is suggested to get in touch with a Bakersfield car accident lawyer before filing the claim. He will help you avoid these mistakes so that you don’t get the claim rejected. Some of these common mistakes are elaborated on below:

Admitting your fault

If you admit your fault right after the accident, you are likely to get nothing in the end. The police will take down everything at the accident spot. If you tell them that you did not follow the traffic rules, they will write the same in the police report. When the insurance company goes through this report, it will reject your claim in no time. Apologizing to another party can be devastating for your car accident case.

Relying too much on the insurance company

The insurance company might not work in your best interests. They are just making money by selling their products. If you take their words, you are likely to get your claim rejected. They earn incentives by refusing the claim and they use their tactics to reject it. Moreover, they can convince you for getting the lowest possible compensation. In this case, a lawyer can help you in the best possible manner.

Too less too early 

Insurance companies are known for making the lowest compensation. They will come up with several excuses for lowering the amount. However, it is not a good idea to agree to the first offer they may come up with. It will not get you what you expect. Here, your car accident lawyer will make a great difference because he will negotiate with the insurance company and ensures that you get what you deserve.

You have not defended your traffic ticket

If you were given a traffic ticket after a car accident, you must fight it. If you don’t do it, your insurance company may use it against you. That’s why, it is recommended to have an attorney represent your case in court. He will ensure you the best way to come out of a difficult situation.

If you are going to file a claim, it is suggested to tell everything to your lawyer because it can hurt your case if you don’t do so. 

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