Essential Reasons to See a Doctor After a Truck Wreck


Most truck accident victims are sometimes confused regarding what they are required to do in the aftermath of a collision. Seeking medical care after sustaining injuries in a truck accident is necessary. Even if the victims do not have visible injuries, hidden injuries may be present and may worsen when victims fail to seek treatment.

Listed below are reasons why an individual should seek immediate medical care after being involved in a collision with a large truck.

Protecting Your Health

Some people hesitate to visit a doctor since they may not have apparent injuries after a truck collision. Some injuries, however, may not show symptoms for days, and any delays in seeking treatment can be devastating in the long run. For instance, a bruise may involve more than what it initially depicts. It can be a symptom of internal bleeding and organ damage.

After an accident, the body releases adrenaline which masks the initial symptoms of injuries. Such injuries may initially go unnoticed and fail to show immediate signs. Victims are advised to watch for worsening pain or changing symptoms. Common types of injuries sustained after a truck accident include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are the most common injuries sustained after a truck accident. Forces released during a collision cause the brain to contact the skull. Victims with such injuries suffer from torn blood pressure, internal bleeding, and damaged brain tissue. It is essential to seek treatment swiftly to prevent the victims from suffering paralysis, coma, permanent brain damage, or memory loss.

Spinal Cord And Back Injuries

Victims of a truck accident should visit a doctor after the accident to have their shoulder, spinal and back pain treated to prevent serious consequences that may arise. Herniated disks, soft tissue injuries, and pinched nerves worsen over time, causing chronic pain and decreased mobility. If spinal cord injuries’ swelling and related side effects are left unattended, permanent paralysis results.

Psychological Trauma

Many victims of truck accidents experience stress and anxiety when they get involved in a truck accident. Other people suffer severe anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, and without prompt treatment, a minor problem could result in a psychological condition.

Internal Bleeding

Sometimes internal bleeding fails to show earlier symptoms beyond abdominal pain and minor bruising. It can, however, be life-threatening, and symptoms include dizziness and fainting.

Proving The Validity Of Your Claim

Proving a personal injury claim after being involved in a truck accident is crucial. Victims have to indicate how the negligent party approximately or directly caused harm and injuries. Proving that the defendant’s actions caused the injuries enables the plaintiff to prevail in the case. Seeking medical care immediately after being involved in an accident helps secure the records of the medical professionals and the emergency department to establish a causal link between the injuries and the accident. Medical records are essential as they indicate the extent of the severity of sustained injuries.

According to a legal practitioner from the Kuzyk Law firm, waiting for a long time before seeking medical care may lead to an insurance company claiming that an intervening agent caused injuries. It could harm the victim’s claim, leading to failure to secure compensation for the losses.

Increasing the Strength of Your Claim

When truck accident victims visit the emergency department after a truck crash, their symptoms, treatment recommendations, and restrictions are documented. A truck accident lawyer calculates the damage and cost of future medical care and assesses the ability of victims to return to their job. The information helps the lawyer secure fair compensation for all the victims’ losses by building a settlement strategy. Follow all the restrictions and recommendations by the doctor to recover fully.

After a truck accident, victims are advised to request medical records that demonstrate the extent and severity of their injuries and any treatment. After seeking medical care, victims should hire a seasoned truck collision lawyer to help push the claim to secure compensation.

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